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About us

schramm & partners

We are a family company from the Czech Republic and have been active in the market in the field of swimming pools for 23 years. During this time, we have gained a considerable amount of experience, which we are very happy to share with you. Based on great demand, we have specially prepared an offer for our foreign customers for the reconstruction of the existing pool – pool tub, in the form of lining the entire pool with a special heavy pool film, which will give the pool a new modern look and ensure complete waterproofing, without the need for complex construction modifications.


How is the pool lined with a special heavy pool film?

It is a dry process, which means that no complex construction techniques are required and the reconstruction itself does not cause any unpleasant construction noise and does not produce construction waste. In this way, it is possible to reconstruct the pool at any time during the year, provided that the outside temperatures do not fall below 10°C. We also offer the supply and installation of quality pool technologies, filtration, including various types of automatic pool water chemical treatments.

Technologies with sea water and a UV lamp are among the most requested. We started with these realizations abroad several years ago and we have good experience with them. For our customers, we implemented these orders mainly in Spain, Croatia and Austria. In the Czech Republic, our offer in the area of ​​swimming pools is wider. It is mainly expanded to include the implementation and construction of new swimming pools on a “turnkey” basis, including the delivery of all construction work.

…a pool is the worst investment if you don’t enjoy it…

schramm & partners s.r.o.