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Reconstruction of swimming pools

Benefity rekonstrukce bazénu

Reconstruction of the existing pool

The reconstruction of the existing pool – pool tub is carried out by lining the entire pool with a special heavy pool foil (mainly Alkorplan or Elbe), which will give the pool a new, modern look and ensure complete waterproofing, without the need for complex construction modifications.

It is a dry process, which means that no complex construction techniques are required and the reconstruction itself does not cause any unpleasant construction noise and does not produce construction waste. In this way, it is possible to reconstruct the pool at any time during the year, provided that the outside temperatures do not fall below 10°C.

Based on our experience, we can ensure the logistical progress of the entire reconstruction without any problems.

Installation examples

Product samples

We help you to choose the perfect liner for your swimming pool. Guaranteed watertight. Quick and easy installation. No fallen tiles or cumbling grout. Minimum maintenance.