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Benefits of reconstruction

BENEFITS of reconstruction with heavy pool film:

  • Speed of reconstruction
  • Favorable price
  • Dry manufacturing process with simple construction preparation
  • The possibility of installing the film on any substrate in the pool (ceramics, concrete, plastic, wood, laminate, etc.)
  • Minimal requirements for construction work and environmentally friendly
  • Minimal noise during reconstruction
  • Wide range of pool foils – 3D design of natural materials and ceramics
  • The luxurious appearance of the final work
  • Long service life of the pool film, high UV stability and resistance
  • 100% waterproof =  reduced water consumption costs
  • The possibility to carry out these reconstructions all year round at temperatures above 10°C
  • For reconstruction, it is possible to replace components in the color of the foil (lights, nozzles, etc.)